I like to hide under gay wicker baskets.

Friends Only

Everything it says above~
I'm a friendly person...I think |D; but I like to have a cosy journal environment thus the Friends Only. If you'd like to be friends, just comment :D

I'll prolly click better with you if you like any of the following:
-Takayama Shinobu
-Miwa Shirow
-Mutsuki Munk
-Abe Miyuki
-Ultra Black #000000
-V kei

Although basically, everyone's welcome fufufu.

(Art credit to Mutsuki Munk)
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I have a sword!!11!!one

Dudududu batman!

Oh look it's journal entry time :D Today shall be about all the retarded things I did last week...and half of this week. Generally, I was in mellllly 's car on Monday (?) and we saw a batmobile! Okay, it was a Nissan GTR modified into something that looked like a batmobile rip-off, except that it looked sufficiently cool on the road because the paint on the car was matt black versus the usual shiny piano blacks you see. I have a picture! Notice how retarded I look in this photo, which is 10% of why I'm labelling this journal entry and everything in it retarded. The other 80% of idiocy comes from Mel and I actually trying to tail this car (notice the 4 exhaust pipes). All right, to Mel's credit, I was acting more like the moron because I was the one egging her to get close enough for me to take a photo. SO HERE:

On another note, I'm still translating Bloody Monday 2! This is kind of surprising, because I'm not sick of it yet hahaha Talk about commitment issues. Funny thing is, I'm all done with 4 episodes already, but not a single one has been released because Timeles Sub is kind of awesome that way. Also, I was looking through some really amazing art and somehow I want to be enabled into drawing something I know I'm going to regret (This is the final 10% of idiocy, yes) :<
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Ahahahahaha you couldn&#39;t put it in?!

List of cool things!

Cool thing #1: I am using this journal again! わいわい!
Cool thing #2 (which is a not so cool thing but I think it's cool so it shall be a cool thing): I'm belatedly watching Den-O!

Man, I would've never imagined the day I get hooked on masked heroes, save that one teeny moment in my deluded childhood with Power Rangers. Now I will just blame it on my....uh. Deluded twenties. I would give a raving review and force everyone to watch it, only eloquence fails me now and I'm pretty sure I'm one of the last few to get to it h-hahaha. If I could give a shot at being articulate about masked riders, uhhhhhhhhh, i would say it's about cracktastic colour coded imaginary dudes. Yep, see, the power of words is giving me that fail point right there. The reason why I started watching it is kind of surprising too -- I just had this sudden urge to see more of Sato Takeru after watching Mr. Brain. I wouldn't really call it being a fan of that guy, but I think I'm a little impressed by his acting?! I don't know, someone please tell me I'm not a confused individual.

In other notes, cool thing #3 involves me doing something that I know I'm going to find a chore sooner or later, but it suffices as being filed as a cool thing for now, thus it's here: I'm translating Bloody Monday 2? IF ANY OF YOU ARE GOING TO WATCH THE FANSUBBED VERSION, YOU ARE WELCOME TO BITCHSLAP ME HERE. I should probably write a disclaimer here on how my ears like to deceive me sometimes, so if you get funny words popping up, that is totally not my fault....really.
Who cares if you like raping chairs?


Clearly, I am one of the most active people on LJ -- although strictly speaking, having a last entry dated 30th July really isn't too bad 8);; Most of the time, I find myself typing out an entry and giving up halfway because it all seems rather dull and insipid anyway. However, I'm compelled to scream my lungs flat today because my laptop hard-drive decides that living for a year is GOOD ENOUGH and this basically translates to a trashing of 160 GB of songs and videos, which fuels an urge to want to tear something apart >:| 
Come volunteer yourselves for the cause 8)

As a distraction, I've also been on a drawing high recently and completely willing to try out all sorts of new poses I've never done before but should have.  A lot of it turned out funny since I am sadly not an artistic genius but well. One of the reasons why I draw is so that I get to laugh at my own work anyway. Although I must say, it's pretty touching to hear that a random piece of art you've drawn for someone can actually brighten their day. I guess I draw for selfish reasons lolol go me. Anyway, here be 5 pictures drawn in the span of 3 days, don't ask me what I go to school for 8D;  

Collapse )

Yeah, you all get it raw like chicken 8)

I threaten xxx and xxx and xxx!

(no subject)

I'm so in love with Yamashita Tomoko right now <33 And this great apparent transformation happened when I was reading Story 6 in her Touch Me Again manga. To prove how insane I am, I actually scanlated Story 6, did the translations, typesetting, the whole deal etc in 3 days. This, by the way, includes reading the entire book on Monday, learning for the first time in my life how to typeset on Tuesday and completing everything by today. Congratulate me guys \o/ I will never, ever underestimate the effort my editors have to go through with scanlations again. Of course, since I slogged so hard for no apparent reason at this, I am going to create a reason right now, i.e pimping it as hard as I can to you guys here and making sure you all read it :<!

Touch Me Again (Story 6) - Stars Spica Spectre


Kiji is paid a visit by the ghost of his dead friend, Osaka. Although Kiji sees Osaka, it is only an afterimage of his friend, as Osaka's spirit is actually in Spica, a star that is 260 light years away from Earth. As a result, everything Osaka says goes through a time lapse and Kiji only hears him after the afterimage disappears. This is a sad, poignant story about two men who never found it in themselves to confess to each other until it was too late.

Download links:
[ShareonAll] [Savefile] [Mediafire]

Click on that link guys! Especially kurokaze_89! This is angst and although there are no long white haired bishounen I'm sure you'll still read it, right? Right? 8D By the way, people, there isn't very much homo-action in there so if you're afraid of bed scenes for some reason, you don't have to worry about that :Db

And lol, what is this, I've been on a crazy WeiB song streak hahahahaha |D
Papa says pr0n is good for you!

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Yesterday was karaoke with Charm, Sutefu and Melt! :D I think it would suffice to say that we were all kinda crazy with all the Disney, although Melt and I were especially insane when it came to D and Ancafe. Mel keyed in Cherry Saku Yuuki!! by Ancafe, (I dunno how many of you remember this song, the youtube video is still around somewhere in my post backlog here) and I realized that the person who romanized Cherry Saku failed to mention one point about the rap portion:

Suihe Liebe Boku no Fune
Cherry cherry cherry saku yuuki!
Suihe Liebe Boku no Fune
Sine Cosine Tangent

Did anyone of you notice that the line "Suihei Liebe Boku no Fune" represented the first 10 elements of the periodic table? I definitely didn't, so let's go through this! 8D

Sui  =  H (Hydrogen in Japanese is  suiso (水素))
He = He (Helium! In Japanese "He" is pronounced as  へ)
Lie = Li (Liebe would be リーベー so taking out the リー, we get Lithium)
Be = Be (Beryllium! 'Be' as in べ)
Bo = B (Boron, taking out the Bo from Boron. Another explanation may possibly be Boron and Carbon being side by side on the periodic table where BC = Boku? XD)
Ku = C (Carbon, play on the letter C)
NO = N and O (This is the next two elements on the table: Nitrogen and Oxygen)
Fu = F (Ohoho Fluorine, play on the letter F)
Ne = Ne (Neon! :D)

Isn't this really interesting?
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Is that a person in a catsuit I see?

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A-Apparently guys, D's going to do the ending theme for a Nintendo DS game called Twillight Syndrome plus the theme song for the Live Action Movie. I guess the few extra perks available for a band when they turn major is to....do theme songs for a Game/Drama/Anime. Although, considering D's music style, I never really considered the possibility of them doing theme songs for horror/mystery genres. The horror part yes, the mystery part :/ I thought the first thing Asagi would agree to would be something to do with vampires. Or roses. Or well, Phantom of the Opera.
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I like to hide under gay wicker baskets.


This is the obligatory layout spam post :D! This layout took me the whole day because of colour combination woes and I'm still not entirely happy with how the colours turned out but it's passable. That's why it's up there in all it's shininess...okay, not really, it looks pretty dull from my point of view but my brain is much too strung out to care at this point |D

So let me get to the whole point of this post in the first place -> GO BUY MUTSUKI MUNK'S NEWEST MANGA RELEASE (Angetsu Yakou releasing 6/10) BECAUSE SHE'S AWESOME AND HER ART IS AWESOME AND AWESOMENESS DESERVES SUPPORT :<b! Yes, right, it's 2 am, I'm allowed to be a little cracked up in the head :|
I like to hide under gay wicker baskets.

(no subject)

So technically these kinds of memes intrigue me but I have to blame it on starsofnite so, xinnie this is your fault! :<b

a. Post a list of 20 fandoms.
b. Have your friends list guess your favorite character from each one.
c. When guessed, bold the line, include the character name, and write a sentence about why you like that character.

1. Kingdom Hearts II kurokaze_89
It just has to be Seifer :(! I will forever love him for being a royal dork.
2. Amatsuki starsofnite
Susutake is adorable. He's so oblivious to everything and frankly speaking he's quite stupid. I apparently like stupid people.
3. 07-GHOSTstarsofnite
Frau is a big guy with a squishable heart. He's also clearly the coolest cradlerobber character around.
4. Final Fantasy VII kurokaze_89
It's Zack Fair! He's an idiot and has the ability to be nice to anyone in the world and still look rather sane. He's the kind of person I want to be!...minus the idiot and toppable bit orz.

5. Katekyo Hitman REBORN!

6. One Piece starsofnite
Zoro has 3 swords; one of which he puts in his mouth and does all sorts of amazing stunts with. I particularly love how he can still talk clearly even though there's 1-2kg of deadweight hanging on his teeth. He's...uh...not voiced by Nakai Kazuya! :>

7. xxxHOLiC sl_miyuri
I like how Doumeki gets his point across with minimal words. I also like how he's especially sharp but completely unreactive about everything. Of course, he wouldn't be voiced by Nakai Kazuya, would he? :>?

8. Baccano!

9. Oofuri starsofnite
Abe is your neighbourhood gay catcher with a bit of problem in being less vocal with his feelings. Clasping your pitcher's hands in a classic wedding proposal move is also an A++
10. DOGSstarsofnite
I like Haine for his hair. I think it's impossibly cool. Okay. Yeah, that's it XD

11. Hikaru no Go

12. Sengoku Basara starsofnite
Date Masamune has 6 swords + he's the guy who says "it's showtime!" like he'd just portaled his way from Japan -> Ancient Japan. He's also clearly not voiced by Nakai Kazuya.
13. Shaman Kingstarsofnite
Shush, Tao Ren has been and always will be the only tsundere character I heart, plus I love Bason, so :| I am going to ignore how he's obviously very bottom-y and gay with Yoh. Well, all that and his pointy hair thing is hilarious.

14. Count Cain
15. Rurouni Kenshin

16. Tales of the Abyss sl_miyuri
Ohoho Luke my baby~ (gets shot!) Boys with an identity crisis are made of so much win and Luke, Luke has loads of stupid moments.

17. Saiyuki/Reload/Gunlock
18. X/1999

19. Eyeshield 21 sl_miyuri
Everyone loves Hiruma for his machine gun and teeth. I love Hiruma for both reasons too (Oh noez I r not speshul!!11) and for his humour :D

20. Hunter x Hunter verdreht
Hisoka has the sexiest gay voice on earth and damn it he's a sexy slightly? peadophilic dude.

Yeah, whoo \o/ I would write in bands and such but ._. does that count as a fandom? XD;
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